Natural swimming pools are a simple idea, make the water safe to swim in by using natures natural cycles and balances in order to avoid using harsh chemicals like chlorine.

The advantages to this are many but primarily it feels great to swim in a fresh water pool and the use of plants in or around the pool can be used to greatly enhance the experience. Its one of those things that has to be seen and experienced.

Children are often drawn to the planted areas to explore all the flora and fauna, its a great way to get kids back in touch with nature, right in your own garden.

Having a pond of any sort in your garden is a great way to attract wildlife in your garden, wet lands in the UK are ever decreasing in size and much of the wildlife that thrives in these zones are being marginalised, having a pond is a haven for them and you can enjoy them too.

Luckily for us, the unwanted wildlife such as midges are often pushed aside in a healthy balanced eco system as their larva is eaten before they can hatch.

If you would like to find out more about natural swimming pools then please contact us and we would be more than delighted to explain things in as much detail as you like and hopefully plan your next pool.


Your pool water will be clean and safe without the need for harsh chemicals, come out feeling clean and fresh.


Freedom to design a larger range of pool designs ranging from a contemporary modern looking pool with clean lines and inbuilt  pool covers right though to a natural pond that blends in with your garden.

Cost Efficient

Saving the cost of harsh chemicals and often naturally warmer than normal pools you can save money on yearly costs. Depending on the design of your pool costs can also be saved on the initial build.

Our pool was the best thing we did in the house.

Harvey and Lucy