Driveway Gates

Hardwood and Softwood gates fully automated with above and below ground motors to suit your needs. New gates, retrofitting and maintenance.

Access Control

From a basic audio system to fully connected video entry system that will allow you to control access to your home using your smartphone.

Home Security

Home security is becoming increasingly popular as the price and quality of equipment continues to fall. Call us to discuss your needs.

Smart Garden

The smart home revolution is well and truly here, it’s time to bring it to the garden.

Driveway Gates and Automation


Every garden and every drive is different, we provide a bespoke design and build service to install high quality hard and softwood gates in a range of locations. We can also retrofit automation to an existing set of gates or help maintain or fix a current set of gates you have. New underground motors are very reliable and provide a great design aesthetic as they are very discreet. Above ground motors are a little more cost effective and sometimes are the best option. We install motors from a range of manufactures and would love to talk to you about your project.


Gates use powerful motors to move the gate and if they have not been designed and set up correctly then they can be very dangerous. This has hit the headlines in recent times with some sad deaths so its more important than ever. We undergo training every two years with Came to make sure we are up to date with all the latest developments. All our gates are force tested to make sure that they comply.

Registered electrician

As a registered electrician we can sign off all the works that we do and comply to all building regulations. So you know that the electrical connections we make can be trusted.

Access Control

Basic Intercoms

There are many different types of intercom on the market to suit everyones budget and needs, perhaps all you need is a basic intercom that allows a visitor at your gate to call you so that you can allow access. These systems can be wired, wireless or with the addition of a sim card can use the standard GSM mobile network which can save lots of time on installation.


Many customers prefer to be able to see who is at their property as well as speak to them, the same as with the basic intercom systems they can be wired, wireless or use the 4g network to call over the GSM network. The newest systems now also connect to your home internet connection and can be accessed via an app on your phone. We install a variety of brands to ensure we always find the right product for our customers.

Design, Installation and Maintenance

At Xeriscapes we pride ourselves in listening to what the customer wants and providing a solution that is suitable. There are hundreds of different systems available and it’s not always obvious which would work best. With lots of experience of putting technology and electrics in the garden we strive to make a robust system that will survive the elements. We can also provide maintenance and repair to those older systems that need a bit of TLC.