Registered Electrician

Qualified and registered means we can sign of any work we carry out so you know its safe and reliable.

Garden Lighting

With a wealth of experience in Garden Lighting we know how to design a great looking system which can withstand the elements.

Garden Electricals

We specialise in installing electrics out in the garden, if its adding a socket, hot tub or an outbuilding we can help, with the right tools and experience needed to make it discreet and reliable.

Pumps and Heaters

Fully qualified to install pumps, filters and heaters, often complicated due to location near water we can make sure its done right.

Garden Lighting

Whether its a practical light that helps you find your front door, or for having an al fresco dinner on your patio, garden lighting is more important to our garden than it may first seem. Getting it right can be a real challenge, too bright or too dim and it wont work for you. We have lots of experience and can help you get it right.

With our own team doing the lighting it means a high level of integration with the landscaping which can be a real key to making it work. Part-p certified you can also be sure that its safe and signed off.

Technology is moving fast and garden lighting has not been forgotten, although timers and switches are useful and may work well for your garden you now have the option of remote switching from small stylish remotes or even full control using your tablet or phone, and its not as expensive as you might think.

LED lighting has also come along way in recent years and can make using your lights more affordable and better for the environment.